Executive Director: Joy Junsay Cell: 831-737-7179 (Call or Text)

Range Master: Phillip Nash Tel: 831-901-9796

Webmaster: Ed Harriger Cell: 831-521-4371 (Call or Text)

Mail Address: Monterey County Peace Officers Association, PO Box 1823, Monterey, CA 93942

A note about MCPOA originated email: Beware of Email Scams! Neither the Executive Director or MCPOA Board members ever solicit any type of donation via personal emails for items or activities NOT RELATED to MCPOA. When ever you receive an email that is addressing you by name, or asking for donation or money, or to "log in and update your account information' Beware!  Always check the senders email address.  Reputable banking, e-commerce  and government agencies NEVER ask for this type of information via email.  When in doubt, log onto the site in questions rather than clicking the link in the email. In regards to MCPOA Business, if in doubt call Joy Junsay at 831-320-0302.