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Annual Dues/Renewal
Fiscal Year: June 1 - July 1

Effective immediately, Membership Enrollment period for personnel (sworn and non-sworn) of law enforcement agencies will be June 1 through July 1 of each year.

All new members must complete a Membership Application and can be submitted by US Postal Service or email to mcpoa.org@hotmail.com.

All retired personnel of law enforcement agencies who are renewing or applying as new members must submit a color copy of their Retired ID from their respective agency with Membership Application.



SECTION I - Having met all other qualifications, no applicant shall be denied membership because of age, color, handicap, national origin, race, religion, or sex.

SECTION II - Membership in the Association shall be divided into five (5) categories:

A) REGULAR - Except as heretofore provided, Regular members shall be afforded all rights and privileges of membership, including voting and holding an Association office:

1. Peace officer regularly employed in Monterey County by the Federal Government, the State of California and Counties and Municipal subdivisions of California whose duties are defined in CA Penal Code Section 830, and who have complied with the provisions in CA Penal Code 832, and are authorized to carry a concealed weapon without a gun permit when on an off-duty status.
2. Any retired peace officer as described in Section II, A, 1 above.
3. The attorney who acts as Association Legal Advisor, but only during the term of that office as heretofore set forth.

B) ASSOCIATE - Except as heretofore provided, Associate members shall be afforded all rights and privileges of membership, except that of holding an Association office:

1. All persons defined in CA Penal Code Section 830 who do not qualify for regular membership. (Example: motor squad, reserves, etc.)
2. All members of the Armed Forces of the United States assigned to law enforcement and/or investigative duties.
3. Elected members of the State Legislature and other elected officials of Monterey County as the Board of Directors approve.
4. Attorneys who are engaged in the prosecution of criminal cases.
5. Full-time regularly employed person(s) who are support service employees of law enforcement agencies within the County of Monterey. (Example: communications operators, public service officers, clerical support personnel).
6. Out of county/state residents who qualify for membership under Section II, A1, B1, B2, B3, B4, AND B5 above.

For membership information or status, contact M.C.P.O.A. Executive Director, Joy Junsay
Membership questions?  Email Joy Junsay 

Click on the Pay Pal button below to pay your Annual Dues or make a donation to M.C.P.O.A.
If you would rather complete a printed Membership application, see the entry "If you do not wish to use PayPal" below.

Use the PayPal button below to pay your dues -
Please Be aware of the payment amount selected before you click the pay button.
The Pay Pal page will also ask for your regular mail address where we will send your membership card, and your email address if we need to contact you. (Once at the PayPal page, if necessary, there is an option to cancel and return to the MCPOA website.)

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO USE PAYPAL: On your computer, Complete and Print out the On-Line PDF Membership Application found here:Printable PDF Application Print and Mail the form to: M.C.P.O.A., P.O. Box 1823, Monterey, Ca 93942-1823.
You will receive your membership card by return mail.

Please enter your First and Last Name & Phone number, Title & Agency Name. Indicate whether Active or Retired or Retired Life Member if you are making a donation. (So we may properly locate your name in our member records.) Each field has a 200 character limit. Enter your PayPal transaction number on your printed applicationYour membership card will be sent by return mail.  NOTE:  If retired since you last MCPOA membership, provide a color copy of your Retired ID card from your agency via U.S. Mail to MCPOA, PO Box 1823, Monterey CA 93942.

We urge you to sign up for our mailing list which we use to commmunicate information and activities of interest or benefit to our members. If you are not sure if you are subscribed go to the bottom of the MCPOA home page and sign up. If you are already signed up it will let you know. Our list is private and never shared and maintains only email address and no other member information.


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